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Covid-19 Services 

Mobile Testing Site

PCR Swabbing clinics

We come to you

Competitive pricing for on site workplace Covid-19 Swabbing.  An average of 24 hour turn around time.

Test Tubes

Rapid Antigen Tests

On site Rapid Antigen testing.

Get test results in as little as 15 minutes.

Elbow Greetings

Covid-19 Screening Services

Let us safeguard your business.

We employ nurses, paramedics and firefighters who know how to safeguard your employees and business.


On Site vaccination clinics

Safeguard your employees.

We provide vaccination staff for corporate Covid-19 vaccination clinics. Our team consists of nurses to administer vaccines as well as highly trained medical staff to respond in case of a reaction.  Please note that we do not supply the vaccine at this time. Only the staffing.

Clients: Clients
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